A piece of advice from Emerald Michael

      After some major cajoling and mini threats from his friends, Kelvin decided to break his hole-myself-up-in-my-room-with-my-headphones routine and hang out.
      They met up at a popular Young n' Gettin It bar. There was loud, crude music, junk food and a lot of drinking.
      It was nothing close to Kelvin's usual scene but they were his friends and he was willing to suffer a few hours.

      Unexpectedly, he found himself having fun. Laughing at the jokes. Bobbing his head to the music. Holding on to his can of soda.
       Jim, the most extroverted of the group, noticed Kelvin's can.
"Man, you still playing with this juvenile shit?" he slurred.
The rest roared with laughter. Kelvin chuckled.

      It wasn't the first time his friends mocked his non-alcoholic status. He doubted it would be the last. But he was used to his friends and their antics.
      So he laughed and rolled his eyes while they begged and threatened and swore at him.

"Just one bottle Kev. Jeez. Be a fuckin' man!", Joe yelled, pounding him on the back.
Kelvin just shook his head and chuckled again.

      Some minutes after, he excused himself and left for the men's room. The loud music was beginning to get to him.
     Back at the table, Jim grabbed Kelvin's nearly-full can of soda and winked at the others. Realising his intent, the guys burst into loud cheers.
     Jim poured out half the soda and neatly replaced it with his drink.

     Back at the table, Kelvin picked up his soda and took a long gulp. When he returned his can, he found his friends wearing identical grins.
"What are you punks smiling at?" he muttered.

Barely five minutes later, he knew why.
"What..what did you do to my drink?" he whispered, his face red.
"Relax pal. We simply initiated you into the brotherhood of real men", Jim yelled to the cheers of the other guys.
But Kelvin wasn't listening.

     His trembling hands tightly held on to the table while he struggled to breathe.
"You..you have to take me home now", he wheezed.
Harry was about to come up with a sharp retort when the look on Kelvin's face stopped him. He dropped his glass.

      Kelvin collapsed to the floor before he could finish. His friends were about to learn about his alcohol allergies the hard way.
Let me stop here.
     This rant may be slightly off course but you'll get the gist.
Everyone's on social media, being cool and stuff. Drinking. Having threesomes. Partying till they drop.
Good for us. Life's good, after all.

     You who doesn't, for whatever reason, is made to feel like the odd one. Like you're guilty of some social anomaly.
Mister, Girl, You grownass person, Lemme tell you this.
     If you don't want to have sex, don't
     If you don't want to drink or smoke, don't.
     If you don't want to party all night, don't.
     If you feel like the crowd you hang with is stifling you, break out.
     If you're scared of what they'll say or do, visit your pastor. Or a therapist.

     The day you allow someone make you feel lesser because of your life's decisions is the day you're shaming the purpose of your existence.
     The day you let someone push you into doing something that's against your principles, you'll live to remember and most likely regret your foolery.

    Take it from someone who's been there.
    To the I-think-I'm-cool-and-I-only-hang-with-penguins group, don't hide under "Na joke I dey" to bully people.
    Don't cajole people into doing things against their will under the claim of helping them "break out of their comfort zone"
Who send you?

     No ones bullies you or tries to preach against your being a crackhead or a public toilet.
    Let the virgin be.

Live and let (others) live.


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