Against All Odds (by Donald Penprince)

     I am not a deeply religious person. At least I don’t think I am. And I don’t think one could be without knowing. So it’s safe to say I’m not. whether it’s safe to be not is another matter. This is a personal account, not a sermon so rest easy is what I’m trying to say.
     Nevertheless I do believe there’s some guiding force in the universe that’s watched over me, made sure I thrived, even if not thrived, survived through harrowing experiences, and against all odds.

     The things that convince me so are several. Once I had a motor accident far from my home and was bleeding out by the roadside. My hapless crying mother helpless, the car ruined and passers-by uninterested. I would surely have died ’cause as my mother recalled there was a lot of blood mixed with white stuff that looked like brains(she must have paid attention in biology class) then all of a sudden, my neighbour, from my far away home showed up impossibly, from nowhere to take me to the hospital and save me. Greatly coincidental his being there at the time. This ensured I survived against all odds.
     Separate from this, the times I have been in mortal danger are countless. Four other surgeries, half of which went bad. A world of pain, and lots of blood. But I survived all these when a small thing as overdose of anaesthesia could have killed me. But I survived, each time, against all odds.
     Not all my hardships have put me in mortal danger. On the eve of my post ume exam to gain admission into Unilag, my father was kidnapped and tortured, to death. I cannot overemphasize the confusion, grief and senselessness it threw me and my family Into. However I wrote the exam barely a week after this, and that year the cutoff for law was at an all time high, 72. But I was admitted, to study law, against all odds.
     I applied for a job recently and arrived wet, late, dirty and without my C.V to an abysmal interview. And I got the job. Somehow, someway, against all odds. I assure you, I didn’t know anybody there. I know this may not sway the agnostics, or the atheists. But there’s definitely something here.
     There are a whole paragraphs I backspaced from this account for being too personal for the public ear. Happenings that firmly convince me there’s something. Perhaps someday I will edit this post and add them, but today I will skip the telling for the time is not right.
     Of course it could all be a coincidence. Afteral there are lucky, hardy people. But is it their own luck or hardiness that keeps them going? Or are there gods, devils and angels watching over us, ensuring some light illuminates the next step on our nighted path? I choose to believe in the latter.
     To whatever obstacle may seek to bar my way, I have thrived, and survived before, and should you go on to set yourself against me, as an obstacle in my path, I will likely survive again, as I have before, against all odds. The question now is have you survived the odds I have? Can you successfully pit yourself against me? Even if the odds are in your favour, remember I have survived before, against all odds.
     To those who walk beside me, may the odds be ever in your favour. But should they prove to be not, then look to whatever it is that you believe in. Luck, hardiness, favour, grace, God, gods, devils, demons, angels or even the X-men to guide you and survive. Survive, against all odds.


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