Man! Energy levels are high this night. Taruwa was absolutely lit. I mean, it was on fire. Every performance was a hit back to back. Then there was The Performance. Mr Incredible in the building. 
     Now, you might be wondering what does this have to do with you. Hollup! I’m getting there.
     Unlike most Nigerian artistes making the rounds today M.I came across to me as having a story to tell. Everyone whether we like it or not has a story to tell. The way we tell it however is what differs. For M.I, its music.

     The realization that you have a story to tell is the first step in the action plan. Flow with your story. No successful person just woke up and found themselves that way. No! It was a conscious effort. This is why people write biographies in the first place. People want to read the stories of successful people.
     You can only have an impactful story to tell when you’ve had it a little rough. The saying goes, ‘Nothing good comes easy’. Of course apart from Salvation. But that in itself did not come easy. Somebody paid dearly so you could have it so freely.
     Jesus’ story has touched so many lives. Countless. If he didn’t get criticised by the Sadducees and Pharisees or crucified; the impact of His triumph over death will have been whittled down.
Just like gold is tried in the furnace and silver in the fining pot; we also will be tried. There is no exception.
     So from the beginning; know that you have been created to be a success. If you have to go through hell to see that promise manifested in your life so be it. Do not be downcast because in your mind, ‘if God really loves you, He won’t allow all of this happen to you’. But we know the truth. God loves us so much so; He gave His only begotten Son. So God’s feelings towards you cannot change. He already gave His Son, there’s no going back. Whether you like it or not, He loves you and that’s that. No arguments.
     So! The next time you begin to feel like the hustle isn’t paying; think of the story you want your life to tell. Things may not work out the way we want them to; but they’ll work out some way. What story will your life tell then?


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