The topic aims at exposing the grammatical pitfalls relating to greetings, questions, compliments and requests from people. The correct response to these are also given below. 

GREETING: How do you do?
RESPONSE: a. Fine (Incorrect) b. How do you do? (Correct)

GREETING: How are you?
RESPONSE: a. How are you? (Incorrect) b. I'm fine. Thank you (Correct)

GREETING: How are you doing?
RESPONSE: a. Fine, thank you (Incorrect) b. How are you? (Correct)

GREETING: 'Good Night' Janet said to her friends as she left the lecture hall that Morning, by 5pm. 
RESPONSE: 'Good day or Good Evening or See you tomorrow' Janet said to her friends as she left the lecture hall that Morning, by 5pm.

GREETING: Do you mind dancing with me?
RESPONSE: A. Yes, I don't mind (Incorrect) B. No, I don't mind (Correct)

GREETING: Thank you for your assistance 
RESPONSE: A. Don't mention (Incorrect) B. It is a pleasure (Correct)

GREETING: I wish you Merry Christmas 
RESPONSE: A. Same to you (Incorrect) B. And the same to you (Correct)

QUESTION: Will you have some drinks? I think you are thristy
RESPONSE: A. No, please (Incorrect) B. No, thank you (Correct)

QUESTION: Where are you going?
RESPONSE: A. We are coming (Incorrect) B. Excuse us, we shall soon be back (Correct)

QUESTION: Today is the third of January, when did you say you are returning?
RESPONSE: A. On the seven (Incorrect) B. On the seventh (Correct).

QUESTION:  Where are you going?
RESPONSE: A. I am going to Ikeja side (Incorrect) B. I am going to Ikeja (Correct). 

QUESTION: Where is Sam?
RESPONSE: A. He has slept (Incorrect) B. He is asleep (Correct) C. He has gone to bed (Correct)

QUESTION: Does she speak Hausa ?
RESPONSE: A. Yes, she speaks Hausa fluently (Correct)

QUESTION: Do you mind if I wait for the reply?
RESPONSE: A. I'd rather you call (Incorrect) B. I'd rather you called (Correct).


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