A drug is a combination of medical chemicals or substances formulated and prepared by chemists and pharmacists for the treatment or cure of different illnesses under the recommendation and supervision of medical doctors. Drugs are many, diverse in their simplicity and strength. There are drugs that people can walk into a drugs store (chemist's) and buy for use when attacked by minor illnesses. The commonest of these drugs are the analgesics-Panadol, Aspirin, Phensic and others like cough syrup, Vitamin C and so on and so forth. But antibiotic capsules, poisons, tranquilizers, Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin and many more are not supposed to be taken without a doctor's prescription or in his absence a pharmacist's recommendation. 

     The dangers of self-medication are very many and even common knowledge. The prevalence of drug abuse cases can be seen in more mental psychiatric cases. Some young and old people simply take some hard drugs just because they want to be 'high'. Cases abound of people losing their lives because of self prescription and wrong usage of drugs. 
     Continual use of hard drugs leads to the production of maladjusted citizens, if we have to take seriously what our medical experts in various specialist hospitals are saying daily, drug abuse is one of the major causes of rampant tragic accidents on our highways. Some drivers take China capsule, cannabis which derail their senses. Families and the society suffer from losses in this connection. 
     The prevalence of and improper consumption of hard drugs is behind the increasing rate of armed banditry. Fragile or frail-looking, cowardly young men and women become daring and ruthless after taking hard drugs and other strong stimulants. This way, the society suffers a variety of harm and losses. 
     Medical experts have been saying for some time now that drug abuse could induce Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in some people. This means that wrongly used drugs can destroy the immune system that guards one against certain infections. 
     Drug abuse is a key contributor to the humiliation of Nigerian citizens and our national officials in foreign countries who are subjected to scandalous search and scrutiny. At times dogs are used to scrutinize people. This destroys our international image and reputation. 
     Anti-drug abuse campaigns should be stepped up by the government and private citizens. The youth must be well enlightened on all the possible dangers of using drugs wrongly. Security efforts to detect and apprehend all illegal importers and users of hard drugs must be perfected. Religious organizations must contribute to building a drug-free society. It concerns us equally. 


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