Searching deep within I find strength
As along life's journey I tread
I do not know where the road leads
But I'll follow it till I find peace
I do not know what the future holds
But with each step the path unfolds
And I know that I can trust the One Who knows

So many dreams, so many things I want to be
So many things I've learnt
And yet
I'm still reaching forth for greatness
So many things still to be learnt
But I am content
Just following the Master,
The Way Maker
And when I can't seem to find the way
He is the Way
So I can just rest in Him
He carries me
Till I get to the end of the journey

There are times I don't understand
And the path just seems so dark
And all I have to do is just stand
He stands with me
He goes before me
He makes the darkness light before me
And the crooked places straight
He makes a way
Where there seems to be no way
And after I've done all I can
And failed
He shows me that it's not about what I am or what I can do
But who He is and what He has done and can do

So with hope and with grace
I'll run this race
Till, home at last, I see my Saviour's face
The One Who first loved me
Smiling and saying, " welcome home, we finally meet".


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